Ken Taylor Industrial Americana

Ken Taylor is a gifted artist who, in our humble opinion, should be counted amongst the legendary “old-time craftsmen” of this world. A visit to Ken’s workshop is an opportunity to look at objects with different eyes, to see tools and machine parts transformed for new purpose, seemingly reincarnated into functional artful objects.

Ken is much more comfortable meeting people face-to-face than he is communicating through the internet. In building a website for his business, K. Taylor Designs, our goal was to provide a portfolio overview and to intrigue viewers with a brief introduction to Ken, thereby encouraging them to meet him in person.


For more information about Ken Taylor, please visit his website at

Connecting people to people is one of the main objectives of our business at Designs by Sandbox. The tools we build help to make those connections.

We also really enjoy getting to know our clients! So we’ll share some stories here on our website portfolio page to introduce our clients to you. If you missed the first introduction, read about Catsh Photography here.

More to come… we hope you have a very happy Independence Day!

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