introducing Sandbox Support Services

Designs by Sandbox is pleased to announce a new branch of our business — Sandbox Support Services

When developing a new website, we first work with a client in the sandbox, and then we hand that client the keys to their new sandcastle, and give them the ability to manage their own website independently.

However, with time… if the sands happen to shift in a way that seems too difficult to manage, we have our trusty red sand shovel ready to help.

Websites are dynamic communication tools, and new technologies are constantly evolving. Some clients are quite comfortable with WordPress technology. Others are less comfortable.

Our goal with Sandbox Support Services is to offer technical support and educational resources that continue to empower each of our clients. Some clients may be interested in an annual service plan for technical support, and others may wish to consider an a-la-carte service plan.

As an extension of Designs by Sandbox, we’ve created a new website dedicated to educating our website clients. Please take a look, and be sure to subscribe if you would like to receive email notifications when new information is available — Sandbox Support Services

Website clients may be interested in the following options:

Sandbox Annual Service Plan
If you typically ignore the “Updates” notifications in your website’s Dashboard, and let them accumulate for longer than 3 months, then an Annual Service Plan might be worthwhile to keep your website functioning at its best for as long as possible. With this Annual Service Plan, a member of our Designs by Sandbox team will access your dashboard at least every 3 months (4 times annually), will process any recommended updates, and will provide a “check-up” report for the status of your site.

Sandbox A-La-Carte Services
If you happen to read about a plugin tool that sounds interesting, and you would like to hire us to implement this new tool on your website, then we would be happy to offer an estimate of our fees (based on hourly rates) to provide this service.

Please contact us if you are interested in either of these service options… we are happy to discuss them further. Please also remember to review the Sandbox Support Services website, which provides many helpful resources free of charge!

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