sandbox support overview

Welcome to Sandbox Support Services!

When developing a new website, we first work with a client in the sandbox, and then we hand that client the keys to their new sandcastle, and give them the ability to manage their own website independently.

However, with time… if the sands happen to shift in a way that seems too difficult to manage, we have our trusty red sand shovel ready to help.

Websites are dynamic communication tools, and new technologies are constantly evolving. Some clients are quite comfortable with WordPress technology. Others are less comfortable.

Our goal with Sandbox Support Services is to offer technical support and educational resources that continue to empower each of our clients. Some clients may be interested in an annual service plan for technical support, and others may wish to consider an a-la-carte service plan. To learn more, or to discuss a plan that best meets the needs of your organization, please contact us.

Each Designs by Sandbox website client is given, upon delivery, personalized documentation introducing the administration screens of their WordPress website. The purpose of the Sandbox Support Services website is to expand that documentation, and to introduce some options for additional services, if needed.

Support topics are divided into three main categories….

the basics

This section of Sandbox Support Services offers an introduction to a website’s admin dashboard, and serves to enhance a client’s delivery documentation with interactive online resources. [ Read more… ]

plugin tools

Plugin tools are ever-evolving! We at Designs by Sandbox have some favorites, and we’ll tell you why here. We reserve the right to change our minds, too… so new releases may trump previous opinions. Articles are listed chronologically, most recent first. If you see a tool that you might like to add to your website, please contact us. [ Read more… ]

updates & maintenance

In this section we’ll share announcements regarding updates & maintenance from the WordPress core, or themes, or plugins. Website maintenance needs vary from client to client. General information will be shared here, but if you have specific questions regarding how any of these announcements affect your website, please contact us. [ Read more… ]

Readers are encouraged to subscribe to this Sandbox Support Services website to receive email notifications when new information is posted.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.