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what does “Mobile First” mean?

The soon-to-be-revealed Responsive 2 theme will have a “mobile first” approach. What does that mean? This article explains it a bit… Not surprisingly, many of the principles used in a mobile-first-mentality are also key principles for strategic marketing, and you probably heard us saying some of these same things when we

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Google Language Translator plugin

This plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your WordPress website by using shortcode.

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Easy SMTP Mail plugin

Some email servers struggle with email that is sent from a WordPress online form submission. Depending on which email server and hosting system a client uses, the Designs by Sandbox team may recommend installing a plugin tool, such as the Easy SMTP Mail plugin, to facilitate the process.

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Print-O-Matic plugin tool

Print-O-Matic adds the ability to print any post, page or page element of a WordPress website by using a simple [print-me] shortcode in the content editor.

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This plugin tool integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods with WordPress.

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Contact Form 7 plugin

This plugin tool is used to create forms on a website. The most basic form is a “Contact Us” form, which is the default form available within the Contact Form 7.

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WordPress SEO plugin

This plugin tool is used to help boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website.

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CodeArt – Google MP3 Player plugin

The CodeArt – Google MP3 Player plugin allows you to easily embed any mp3 file in your wordpress website. You can put the player in any post, page or widget area.

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Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin

Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin adds a button to the editor screen of a page or post, which provides several convenient shortcodes for specific formatting options, such as tabs and accordions.

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Password Protected plugin

This tool is a very simple way to quickly password protect your WordPress site with a single password. At Designs by Sandbox, we use this tool when building a new website in our sandbox.

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