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Subscribe2 plugin

When new posts are published to your blog, the Subscribe2 plugin tool can be used to automatically send an email notification to a list of subscribers.

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Simple Social Share plugin

This tool is a simple social sharing plugin that adds a list of social media sharing buttons on your website.

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ShareThis plugin

ShareThis is a tool that provides easy ways for visitors to share your website’s content via social media, and provides a hovering tool that stays on your visitor’s screen inviting them to share the content on the social networks of your choice.

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Facebook and Twitter plugin tools

Most websites incorporate icons somewhere that are linked to any associated social network. But did you know… it is also possible to show your Facebook page content or Twitter tweets directly on your website?

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Add Posts to Pages

Ever wish you could have more control over how your blog posts are displayed on your website? This plugin tool may be just what you need.

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Glass plugin

Does your website include images of artwork with such minute details that you wish you could hand your visitors a magnifying glass? This plugin tool does just that.

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FooBox Image Lightbox

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique used to overlay images (or other web content) on the current page. FooBox Image Lightbox is a responsive image lightbox for WordPress galleries.

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Meteor Slides plugin

This plugin tool has been our “go to” choice at Designs by Sandbox for displaying slideshows on websites. Meteor Slides is a lightweight, mobile-friendly, and very customizable tool.

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WooCommerce plugin tool

WooCommerce gives your WordPress website the ability to be an eCommerce store.

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WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release

WordPress announced a new release this morning (Aug 6, 2014) – WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release. (We haven’t even officially announced this new Sandbox Support Services website yet, and already there is a compelling reason confirming our decision to build it!) Since this is a security release, ALL websites should be updated

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