Teelin Irish Dance

Teelin.com is a website that can be credited as the inspiration for starting Designs by Sandbox’s website development services. The original Teelin website was built by Meg in 2005 using Frontpage, and then redesigned in partnership with Katie in 2009 using Dreamweaver. By mid-2012, as the WordPress platform was becoming more popular, certain sections of the Teelin website were built in WordPress in order to facilitate multiple administrators being able to edit content on the site. By October 2013, all sections of the website were moved to the WordPress platform, with a spiffy new design that ties the many facets of this business together.

Teelin is comprised of both the Teelin School of Irish Dance and the Teelin Irish Dance Company. Some sections of the website are public, and some sections are password-protected for members only. The challenge in building this website was to develop a design that ties the school and the performance company together, yet allows them to meet the needs of separate target audiences, both publicly and privately for members. To do this, we have used multiple installations of WordPress, and have repeated design elements on each that allow a user to freely move about the site per their needs, without actually knowing that they are accessing multiple websites.


To learn more about Teelin Irish Dance, please visit teelin.com.

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